Item # SCP-747-TH

Object Class: Safe Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

Revised Edition██/██/2015: Present time still cannot quarantine SCP-747-TH-2 to repeal all experimentation with SCP-747-TH-1 . The previous test can look at an experiment log 747-1-5, SCP-747-TH-1 still be inside experimention room. It is connected with audio recorder and loudspeaker anytime. The accession with SCP-747-TH-1 have to only allowed from O5-6. The infringement under the measure will be the most violently punished to discharge order.


SCP-747-TH-1 when recovered.

The Satellite ZC747 is sent to orbit in space for searching SCP-747-TH-2 which might be hide in the dark cloud or appear in one of somewhere in the sky. In the case when SCP-747-TH-2 is found, the airport control tower which is near the area which SCP-747-TH-2 is found, have to be informed immediately. In order to declare to pilot who is near that area, to help to bring the plane landed on the runway or the nearest wide area within 10 minute for at least for preventing the loss.

Description: SCP-747-TH-1 is a standard flight recorder which is inside the ordinary plane weight 2 kilogram. It is a type of CVR assiduity in removal composition of material is entirely collapse, because it cannot turn a knot to success. According to the investigation by X-ray generator, it is found that all of internal of SCP-747-TH-1 is hollow.

Activation of SCP-747-TH-1 at one time will be appear sound of pilot talking and other sound which all around there. Sound which you heard will be different and cannot be replayed, except for using the audio tape from outside. Effect from each round using will lead the situation to one of black boeing plane which have an accident in a kind so abnormal or attacked by other boeing. (Call SCP-747-TH-2)

The present, no one has ever seen SCP-747-TH-2 obviously. But, sufficiently know that model have a black boeing which is bigger than common boeing 3x and always hide in the group of dark cloud which look like rain cloud but darker. The example wing can be bend and fold like human arms, and the shank wing have some big claw which ready to destroy some plane in a short time. In the cockpit is a red light that sometime you may be see 2 people shadow (Maybe, It will be pilot.) live inside the cockpit. SCP-747-TH-2 won’t attack some plane which It isn’t boeing, and look like that attacking of example will be random. (If fly through encounter some plane, It will be attack that place.)


The picture of SCP-747-TH-2 photos by ZC747 satellite.

Addendum-1: Date ██/██/2015, SCP-747-TH is promoted to be ‘Keter’ Now, in the Foundation know that about attacking from SCP-747-TH-2 might not require to use SCP-747-TH-1, but using black box is just a telling about location in the future of other boeing which similarly with transmit that which path the plane come for SCP-747-TH-2 go through to hold up and wait for prey ahead one day. Normally, SCP-747-TH-1 and example not often appear. But using SCP-747-TH-1 will be refer about location.

Addendum-2: Foundation’s agent found ‘Home video’ from beoing 747-██ in the forth experiment.

Audio tapes VDO-747

0406 : Video footage is sliding all around of area and stop at the face of a woman.
0407 : Video footage is sliding through to flight attendant who pushing a trolley to service refreshment for passengers.
0408-0712 : Nothing happened.
0414 : Video footage is moving out of window. It is a daytime but has a lot of unusually cloud, unable to see the landscape.
0416-0417 : Video has shaken and a sound of people scream is appeared.
0418 : There is a scraping sound. (As observed, the sound is not come from inside the plane.)
0419 : Video footage is moving through of window which the right side is now covered by black cloud, unable to see the light.
0420-0422 : Video footage is balked.
0423-0424 : Video footage is emitted on the ground. It has detonation, but unable to see what is going on.
0424 : Camera is kicked to the another way.
0425 : The ceiling of the center of the plane is rended by 2 large steel blades.
0426 : The ceiling is opened and the another plane is appeared.
0427 : Video footage is a downfall from the high place. It looks like that camcorder is imbibed out of the plane that reveal to see other black boeing which have larger 3x. Mirror of cockpit is expose to see Red LED light and a shadow which looks like human inside there. In front of the plane has a hole which inside has larger steel blades like the example of tooth is revolving as clam shell. And it is ready to imbibed everything which front of there inside its hole, before twisting itself to right way which is able to see the wrinkles of the steel surface when twisting. And the thing which looks like the claw instead of the wing.

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