Item# SCP-072-TH

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedure: Currently, The every instance of SCP-072-TH held in ██████████████ Fort which, its original site. Due to the impossible to contain their movement or remove SCP-072-TH from their original containers, Foundation would focus on the limitation of object's movement through the island which, the fort has been located also, setting up the containment perimeter along with armed guards to prevent the intruders.

Description: SCP-072-TH is the full rank ancient knight armor in 13th century. The inside of that knight armor is hallow sunken and have an engraving some alphabet which unknown. The experimentation about the real knight armor cannot do it. Moreover, SCP-072-TH can independently move and It will be attack to everyone who come, the armor of example have a capability and stronger than the same type of armor which not have something abnormal, can bring some shatters of the good armor from the inside of castle to compensate some old pieces which damaged by the unidentified instrumentality.

SCP-072-TH speak some language that human cannot know, we are extrapolate that It is ancient roman language from the 8th century. However, we cannot talking with themselves because of the example behavior.

Quality of SCP-072-TH:

  • Can moving so quickly (Actually, It’s quick as the 1st runner – Dr.████)
  • Hardly to all type of attacking (I’m accept that it bear to explosion but leastways, bullet still can punctual the armor and shoot this way – Dr.████)
  • Have the enormous power (The foundation van pulled 400 metre. Fortunately, It doesn’t have enough power to raise the car and jerk on the floor.- Dr.████)
  • Can heal the wound (This’s not real, I still see that It’s walking into the castle and get the new armor- Dr.████)
  • The sword of it can cut everything. (I think it’s true but not for all, the sword still can’t cut the steel which make from the iron. – Dr.████)

The exertion about bringing the weapon from SCP-072-TH is fail because they hold the sword anytime, but from this exertion made we found that their weapon not make from the steel but make from the gold and have an engraving the alphabets as that thing which into the body of SCP-072-TH.

Discover: The first time of SCP-072-TH discovered in the ██████████████ castle where more than 2,500 year, when a group of tourist went to the castle and saw the ghost in the armor who attack and kill the people who come to travers on the island ██ people, and it made the castle closed again. After that, agent ████ and their team investigate into the castle and meet SCP-072-TH a lot in the castle.


One of metal helmet

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