Item# SCP-072-TH

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedure: Currently, The every instance of SCP-072-TH held in ██████████████ Fort which, its original site. Due to the impossible to contain their movement or remove SCP-072-TH from their original containers, Foundation would focus on the limitation of object's movement through the island which, the fort has been located also, setting up the containment perimeter along with armed guards to prevent the intruders.

Description: SCP-072-TH consists of several 13th century full metal plate armor. Radiology Testing indicated that inside of SCP-072-TH are hollow but instead, found the engraved unknown symbol or alphabet on the breastplate of every instance. The full-test of SCP-072 still unavailable, due to the unable to using the sedation technique or separated the armor part due to the behavior.


One of metal

SCP-072-TH are capable of independence movement which, behavior of SCP-072-TH is strongly aggressive and will turn hostile towards the human being. Also, SCP-072-TH possessed an immeasurable physical strength beyond the equivalent non-anomalous set of armor in the same period of the era. SCP-072-TH possessed a self-healing ability SCP-072-TH possessed an ability to “transfer” its entity to the new set of armor if the previous set heavily damaged. This is whether unclear that the armor itself has transferred to the new set of armor or discard the previous entity to activate the new entity. Full-test on the subject still unclear due to the hostile nature of the instance. SCP-072-TH also, held a Broadsword, engraved with the unknown language

SCP-072-TH are also, form a communication between each other which, verbally speaking the unknown language (possibly early roman mixing with 8th centuries Turkish language) but refuse to communicate with the foundation staff due to its behavior.

SCP-072-TH was discovered at ██████████████ Fort, which is one of the oldest tourist attractions in ██████ after the group of tourist attacked by a “possessed armor”. The Following incident cause a death of a █ tourist and █ heavily injured worker staff and police officer. After the incident has been filed, Foundation’s intelligent personnel have embedded in the investigation team of the local police department and succeed to contain ███ instances of SCP-072-TH. The foundation begins to contact the local office, which responsible for the safety concern to announce that the Fort is unsafe for persons due to its old ages and unhealthy building structure.


Photos of the Castle ██████████████

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