Experiment log 747-1-5

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Testing 1 Date ██/██/2012

<Start playing>

(Unknown) : Center, We have an emergency, please advise.

Aviation Center : What happened?

(Unknown) : Left wing of plan is blast – (explosion) –Oh my god! Left wing is broke , and we’re going to –(sound is interrupted) – can’t control it – (sound is interrupted)

Aviation Center : You have to make an emergency landing.

(Unknown) : It can’t see anything , clouded – (sound is interrupted) – in front, the other plane! Oh my god! It’s isn’t pl- (The sound is lost)

[The sound of collision and violently explosion.]

<The sound end>

Note: 1 day, after experimentation. Boeing 777-████ of the ████ airline have an accident. Plane is exploded into 2 pieces, the head of plane fell down to the ocean. But, we not found tail of plane, we found cabin crew crops 54 people , and 96 people are lost.

Testing 2 Date ██/██/2013

<Start playing>

Madot : This is Captain Madot. Now, the weather is rather turbulence. Please, everyone stay seat with that belt, There may be shaking slightly and 10 minutes ahead will be- (There is sound which interrupted by unknown prayer article , and a gruff voice which said by the old woman) –Everyone will die.-(Sound is inserting)

[The sound is quiet 3 seconds]

(Unknown) : It have the sound like someone’s speaking, said that everyone will die.
Madot : You’re still a rookie, you may be fear in your head. I have eve-


(Unknown) : What is that?!

Madot : I don’t know what is explosion? I can’t control it.

(Unknown) : I…I see smoke out from the tail of plane will -(Sound is inserting) captain, I think – (Sound is inserting) – lane.

[Explosion and there is screaming of woman, Expected that is flight attendant who live in the cabin too]

[The sound of scraping steel]

<The sound end>

Note: 1 day, after experimentation. Boeing 747-████ of the ████ airline have an accident. Plane fell down into the area of Swedish National park, It make the situation of wildfire. We can find that the tail of plane is a piece which explosion, but the area of cockpit is extracted. Now, we’re still finding captain madot , pilot , flight attendant 2 people , and not found cabin crew 28 people.

Testing 3 Date ██/██/2013

<Start playing>

(Unknown) : Nimp, I’m seeing that there is other plane over there.

Nimp : I don’t see anything.

(Unknown) : ….So strange, a moment ago, I still see it. Even though, the sky is so clearly, how it can disappear?

[The sound is quiet 6 seconds]

[Sound is inserting]

Nimp : (Screaming so shocked) T-There is something underneath the plane – (Sound is inserting) —-myright side – (Sound is inserting)

(Unknown) : - Disaster! Turn right!

Nimp : We can’t dodge , It- (Sound is inserting) oh- (Sound is inserting) –is devi-

[The sound of smashing and violently explosion]

<The sound end>

Note: This testing not have a situation of fell down plane, but from the information which we get from an agent, It make we can know that boeing 737- ████ of the ████ airline which have a pilot who name is ‘Nimp’ and passengers████ people have lose the contact and disappeared into thin air. Before It was lost, The plane is flying above the sky of Thailand , but not have a declaration about explosion on the sky.

Testing 4 Date ██/██/2014


Testing 5 Date ██/██/2014


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